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Christian-Atheist Debate May 9th

On April 26, Christian Newswire posted the article “Best-selling Author Will ‘Prove’ God’s Existence – ABC to Air LIVE Atheist Debate with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort” by Mark Spence.According to the article: “….best-selling author Ray Comfort contacted the network and offered to prove God’s existence, absolutely, scientifically, without mentioning the Bible or faith. He and Kirk Cameron (co-hosts of an award-winning Christian TV program) challenged the two originators of the “Blasphemy Challenge” to a debate on the existence of God. ….ABC loved the idea, and will host a debate in New York City on May 5, 2007. Moderated by Martin Bashir, the debate will be streamed LIVE on their website and will also be filmed for “Nightline.”

Christian-Atheist Debate on ABC NewsCheck out the ABC Website to validate this article: Is God Real? The Nightline Face Off – Christians and Atheists to Debate the Existence of God:

Watch the Face Off Wednesday May 9 at 2 p.m. on ABC News Now, and on Nightline at 11:35 p.m.

Please watch the following video clip prior to getting too excited about this debate!:



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Join our “BLOG PARTY” to discuss this debate (if you wish).


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