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“We don’t do funerals…we’re into midwifery”


Among the astonishing sayings of Jesus, comes this one: “Let the dead bury their own dead.” He said it in response to a man who was wavering about following him. The guy said: “First let me bury my father.” Either there was a family funeral he had to attend or -more likely, I think- he was talking about the general pull of family concerns: “I have family obligations. Surely you don’t wish me to shrug off my normal responsibilities?”

Jesus’ answer was an uncompromising YES. In one short remark he divided the world between those who followed him (characterised as those who had life) and those who didn’t (who were dead). It’s a Matrix-like distinction: those who really see the truth and those who don’t. And this difference is so utterly important that it takes precedence over everything. It’s the very first priority. Jesus “Seek FIRST the kingdom of God, and then all these things will be added unto you.” Get your priorities right, and everything in your life will find it’s proper place. (Check out Herman’s paper “One-way journey of endurance” on this).

I’m always fascinated by those church buildings surrounded by memorials to dead people. Why is that, do you think? In rather shocking contrast, I heard a preacher say: “We don’t do funerals. We are into midwifery.” “Let the dead bury their own dead….” “You [however] must be born again”!

Ireland is full of water

(Moy river. Photo by Jan)

The one desire which grows more and more is to give … Giving and receiving are at bottom one thing, dependent upon whether one lives open or closed. Living openly one becomes a medium, a transmitter, living thus, as a river, one experiences life to the full, flows along with the current of life, and dies in order to live again as an ocean.

~ Henry Miller

Internet Shopping 2: SPRITUAL THERAPY


Cutie picture apropos of nothing….but here’s another liberal helping of superlative bloggery

Congratulations to Cranach Blog for receiving the Riversmeeting God’s Golfball Award for thinking outside the box.

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