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Every year for the last ten years we have taken a team out to the Czech Republic where we have led English Camps for kids aged about 7-15.

It’s really great to be involved in something on a long-term basis. It means that some of the kids that we knew when they were still in single figures now come to help translate and lead groups. It means that you can see people growing in the Lord and that’s always wonderful.

And for the teams that go with us year by year, it’s sometimes the first time they ever kneel down next to someone and lead them to the Lord. And once you do something like that, you become an evangelist for life!

Kycera isn’t even on the map. But it’s there…. way up there in the mountainous forests on the corner between Poland, Slovakia and Czech republic. No houses, roads…. no electricity!….just the high country and  the sound of the wind in the trees. I love it!

Typically, we take young Christians in their teens/late teens and have a few training sessions,  pray together and get going! We will supply all the material you might need. You will have to devise about ten days teaching (I’ll give you some ideas on another page) and take responsibility for about ten young people.

Your financial committment is to pay for air fare. We’ll cover all the costs of food and accommodation (such as it is!). Sometimes it’s really good to get your church to sponsor you, not so much for the financial contribution but for that sense of shared  spiritual  responsibility. (If they do, remember to do a “Report Back” session on your return to church.)

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