a church in carrick-on-shannon

Czech Pages 3

Sorry guys: this is going to be a bit on the banal side. Just posting an “Are you ready to fly in six days?” reminder with a final checklist.

Make sure you have: passport/ travel insurance/ id details/ money (safe wallet).

Sleeping Bag (or cotton inner)/Pillowcase/washstuff/towel/ swimgear/t shirts/ trousers/shorts/ inside shoes/ walking shoes/TORCH/(batteries)/don’t bother with smart or cool or sexy clothes. Stay warm, dry, functional and be ready to wash your clothes out (imagine that!). Take a few thin coverings rather than one big chunky thing…

Don’t bother with jewelry. Don’t bring anything expensive…

Sunscreen (and sunglasses?). Personal medication (paracetamol/ air sickness pills/ diarrhoea etc), personal notebook, Bible, stationery, pens, camera. Book.

Don’t hang around in English speaking bunches (specially at meal times). Mix as much a spossible. That’s your main job! Don’t make fun of local customs or local food. Don’t teach swear words (you’d be amazed…).

OK. I’ll email this round and keep adding bits as they occur to me. Phone in anything you’re not sure of…


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