a church in carrick-on-shannon

Growing the church 6: Ready to boogie

1. In a broken world God calls the whole of humanity to become God’s people. For this purpose God chose Israel and then spoke in a unique and decisive way in Jesus Christ, God’s Son. Jesus made his own the nature, condition and cause of the whole human race, giving himself as a sacrifice for all. Jesus’ life of service, his death and resurrection, are the foundation of a new community which is built up continually by the good news of the Gospel. The Holy Spirit unites in a single body those who follow Jesus Christ and sends them as witnesses into the world. Belonging to the Church means living in communion with God through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.

2. The Church is called to proclaim and to be a sign of the Kingdom of God, being the agent which God uses to bring it in. It is a means to an end and not an end in itself. The Church then is a missionary enterprise established by God for calling people into fellowship with Himself and with one another, according to His eternal purpose in Jesus Christ.

3. We claim and cherish our place within this universal Church, which is the body of Christ. We rejoice in the inheritance of the Apostolic faith, land oyally accept the fundamental principles of the historic creeds and of the Protestant Reformation, and affirm our belief in the Holy Scriptures as the supreme rule of faith and practice.

4. We gratefully acknowledge that our roots are in a renewal movement emphasising personal experience of Christ with sacramental and social expression. We give particular emphasis to God’s love for all humanity and to the need for an experience of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This experience affects the whole of human personality and the whole of life, and involves all the people of God in the ordering of its life and witness.

5. We believe that we are called to mission in the world, where possible in partnership with other Christian traditions. The features of this mission are:

Worship is the primary activity of the Church offered to God, involving the active participation of all God’s people and including the nurture, growth and empowering of the worshipping community for service in the world.

Nurture is the development of the whole person spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually, and is given through Scripture, Christian Education, Fellowship and Prayer.

Evangelisation springs from God’s active love in Christ for all without exception or distinction and God’s commitment to the total well-being of every human person. Evangelisation is the proclamation by word and deed of this good news. It requires to be deeply rooted in and to affect the social, political and communal realities of society. It calls for response and radical change at every level.

God’s creative purpose and active compassion inspire concern for the whole of human life and the environment. We are totally committed to the healing of broken persons, broken communities and an exploited environment and is active in ministries of healing, justice and reconciliation.

6. We are called by God to be a Pilgrim people and, inspired by God’s love for all, to serve the present age as a sign and instrument of God’s reconciling purpose. However, we acknowledge our need of repentance as we have not always been faithful in our discipleship or responded wholeheartedly to his commission.

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