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This is a link through to Greenford Baptist Church. where there is a series of really excellent video Bible Studies.

Some techinical stuff follows, or you can simply follow the links.

We have dramatically increased the picture quality of our Bible Teaching videos (but you still need broadband to view them). The list of Bible Teaching videos is at gbc.org.uk/teaching.

In case you are interested in the tech side of it, all our Bible Teaching videos have been re-compiled to broadcast quality and have been uploaded onto the Google Video website, where they are converted into smaller Macromedia Flash files of streaming quality. The video: is 320×240 resolution at 450 Kbps and audio is 64Kbps mono.

So, users of the GBC website can now enjoy much higher quality Bible Teaching video pictures than before.

The Bible Teaching videos are currently not searchable or publicly viewable on the Google Video website, but they are viewable via video players on the GBC website. You will notice a small Google Video button in the bottom right hand corner of the video player – don’t go there unless you want to be distracted by the stuff that other video users have uploaded onto the Google Video website.

High Definition audio versions at 64Kbps of the Bible Teachings are available on the GBC website. You can either listen to them on our website via audio players or download mp3 files (Podcasts) and listen to them on you computer or mp3 player at a later time.

If your connection to the Internet is slow (e.g. a modem or slow corporate leased line) you can read the Bible Teaching text notes if they are available (taken from the PowerPoint slides used during the teaching sessions).

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