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You are extraordinary!

You are extraordinary!

God has designed you to be remarkable… to stretch out mentally, physically, spiritually into all kinds of new directions. Isaiah 57:15 reminds us of the greatness of God (“He is high and holy! He inhabits eternity!”) but it also notes the greatness of humanity. And what’s that? The greatness of humanity is that God can live with us… with the crushed, the broken, the lowly.

Here are some of those capacities that make human beings remarkable in the Spirit of God. When we recognize and use these capacities, the quality of our lives can become more abundant (John 10:10) than ever before.

  1. You can help someone in their time of tragedy or need and show the capacity for human goodness.
  2. You can listen closely to another’s words and experience. You can empathise.
  3. You can undertand the pain, sorrow, or loss of another person. You’re human too. You know the story.
  4. You can believe the best about others, and offer time, support, and friendship. You have the capacity for trust.
  5. You get it wrong, but you can apologize for a past mistake and demonstrate the capacity for strong character and trustworthiness.
  6. You can forgive the errors of a fellow human being and show the capacity to give and receive forgiveness.
  7. You can support the truth, even when it is unpopular, and show the capacity for honesty and integrity.
  8. You can compromise when it is best for the welfare of others and show the capacity for teamwork.
  9. You can give time and effort to assist others to be successful. You can mean it, too!
  10. You can be curious about life, its people and its mysteries, and show your capacity for learning.
  11. You can keep praying for those whom you love, and the life-stories that you encounter. You can genuinely love strangers through prayer. 
  12. You can be faithful and patient to your family as to your God.
  13. You can accept the answer to a prayer, whatever it might be, discovering its blessings, and then moving on showing the capacity for gratitude.
  14. You can believe in a God-given purpose throughout long and difficult seasons of scarcity to show the capacity for determination and hope.
  15. You can take risks, make mistakes, and learn from all experiences to show the capacity for being human.
  16. You can get up after having fallen down or suffered failure to show the capacity for resolve.
  17. You can persist resolutely to navigate life’s rapids, scale its mountains, move beyond its perceived limitations, and arrive at its finish line with faith and dignity.

You CAN! I’m so proud of you!

You can refuse to let life make you cynical. When we use our mental and spiritual capacities, our lives will be filled with more love, contentment, and achievement than we can imagine. When we cultivate a deep faith in a Power greater than ourselves, we never have to travel life’s journey alone. There will be powerful sources of wisdom and guidance walking with us every step of the way.

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